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The Scrum Diaries – #3: Connecting Up

The Scrum Diaries

Connecting Up

Several weeks back, I published an article titled “The Agile Imposition” in which I described my experience with the Agile transformation occurring where I work. I told my tale of having worked on a Scrum team for quite some time before our CIO implemented the organization-wide transformation, which has left me feeling cut off from what is coming down from above. I am making efforts from my place down in the ranks to connect up to the folks at the top.

Complaints Are Not Allowed Without Action

A principle I try to live by is: complaints are not allowed without action. To be aggrieved about something and to lack the will to try to change the situation is a place I hate to be. It’s miserable. Why not try to improve the situation? Why not look for new solutions? Why not seek help? And if all else fails, why not GET OUT of the situation? Granted, there are limitations in every situation. There are “impossible” situations that I can’t seem to get out of no matter how much I try. Sometimes it might take me some time of inaction with a lot of complaining going on. But then I reach a point where I have to either shut up or try to makes things better.

So What Have I Done?

Well, I went to HR. I did not complain as such. I asked for help. Specifically, I asked for career guidance. During the course of the discussion, I was able to express my Agile transformation frustrations. It went something like this:

Me: “I feel cut off from what is going on at the top of the Agile transformation.”

HR: “Did you say you went out and got Scrum certification on your own?”

Me: “Yes.”

HR: “Did you also say you’ve been acting as Scrum master on a team AND doing your best to give guidance to the rest of your department.”

Me: “Yes.”

HR: “This is exactly what we are looking for. I’m going to connect you with the VP of Transformation.”

HR did follow through with an email and the VP said she would be happy to talk.

So, with the holidays approaching, I’ll be looking forward to having a conversation with the person at the top after we get into the new year. The connection has been made. I feel less like a complainer and more like a doer. Better days are on the horizon.

(The Scrum Diaries are accounts of my experiences with Scrum teams during an organizational Agile transformation. There have been, and continue to be, many bumps in the road along the way. We are learning and growing together as a team. I am a certified Scrum Master (PSM I) and a developer. I fill both of those roles on my team. These Diaries primarily address topics related to Agile and Scrum.)

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