Soul-Crushing Meeting

Soul-Crushing Meeting

Grab your latte and get ready to join the conference call that never ends! From the hold music to the endless circular conversation, the Soul-Crushing Meeting Playset will keep your kids busy for hours!

I was going to write a blog post on “Tips to Make Conference Call Meetings More Effective.”

But why bother? We all know it’s hopeless! Conference calls suck.

However, here’s a way we can make ourselves feel better, those of us with children at least. I take that back. Everyone knows a kid one way or another. Let’s all buy the Soul-Crushing Meeting Playset for that kid in our lives. Let’s feel better by making a kid feel bad! This will slake the thirst in our hoarse throats as we wail forth (on mute) in our misery, lost within Dante’s innermost circle of Hell: the conference call.

But wait! There’s more! The holiday season is fast approaching. Can’t decide on a gift to give that horrible little nephew of yours? Problem solved! Plus, giving the nephew such an annoying gift will help you exact some passive-aggressive revenge on your sibling. God knows the childhood abuse they gave you ruined your self-confidence and lead you to your mind-numbing job and the soul-crushing conference call you are probably on right now, while distracting yourself by reading this blog post with barely any socially redeeming benefit by some guy on the internet that you don’t even know. Thanks for stopping by!

Hey, before you go, please read my previous blog post: “7 Tips for Making Meetings More Effective.” Since we can’t take out our frustrations on the kids, maybe this article will provide a helpful tip or two for your meetings.

(Photo Credit: I have no idea. My wife sent me this meme. There’s a hilarious Reddit thread for it HERE.)

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